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Cannabis Communications

Cannabis Communications

We were early marketers of and advocates for the cannabis industry and continue to be at the forefront of the revolution of cannabis for all — recreational and health/wellness conscious patients and consumers.

We continue to be at the forefront of cannabis communications in the revolution of cannabis for all.

Amy Levy PR works closely with our team of cannabis attorneys, experienced packaging designers and financial advisors specific to the industry.

For our targeted media outreach, we appeal to health practitioners, cultivators, dispensaries, vertical product vendors and cannabis distributors to best promote your company. We increase your bottom line by helping to expand distribution of your flower, concentrates or edibles to the industry.

Every element of our communications programs are based on a strategy designed to increase awareness of your brand. Our team stays ahead of consumer trends, preferred methods of consumption among cannabis connoisseurs, and the cases that companies are facing in our heavily regulated industry. We were recently featured as one of the top cannabis PR agencies by 10 Buds.

We have been instrumental in our clients’ design upgrades and get involved in the category specific accounting needs that affect hundreds of cannabis businesses and their stakeholders each year.