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Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Whether advising clients on how to handle a crisis or how to maximize an opportunity, at Amy Levy PR, we prepare you with well thought out strategy, media training, effective messaging and confidence.

Recover and hold your head up high.
Has your company experienced a crisis or scandal? Have you faced negative media attention or feedback in the court of public opinion? We will repair your reputation and improve your image with honesty and sensitivity.

Crises never announce themselves. They just happen. Responding quickly in a crisis situation can mean the difference between a manageable concern and a major problem.

Ok, you have arrived at Amy Levy PR with your crisis. Let’s get through this together.

We provide strategic counsel with your safety in mind. Few in the PR industry are our equal.

Pro-Active Crisis Communications:
We work with our clients on their crisis preparedness, and we manage the communications flow when the unforeseen occurs. Our crisis management team holds your hand as long as you need us to.

When the stakes are highest, we’re at our best. We get an adrenaline rush managing corporate reputations and counseling during high-profile communications challenges.

We bring a keen eye, clear strategic vision, solid media relations expertise to help your brand recover. With news breaking 24/7, it’s more important than ever to be prepared with the tools and resources needed to manage a situation quickly and effectively, and to limit any potential damage to your reputation.

We sensitively consider all parties involved, award exclusives to trusted media allies when necessary, and protect your important stakeholders.

The media turns to us as experts in our field. We hope you will too.

Amy was interviewed in Forbes about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s stellar crisis communication skills and how and why he gained our trust.