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Managing your company’s brand and its core values is one of the most important aspects of a successful business strategy.

The Amy Levy PR team works with emerging brands during their market launch and established companies looking to boost their image. Your brand has a voice. We’ll help you find it and share it.

Sometimes a corporation needs a makeover. You might have been the most innovative company twenty years ago, a leader in your category, but now the competition is catching up. As times change, you need to protect your position and stay relevant.

Does your company have new leadership, has it gone public, or did you go through a merger or acquisition? Consider modernizing your packaging, logo or website and investing in new product innovation.

Zouz Plant-Based Spring Rolls
Serving tray with asian appetizers, steamed buns & dipping sauces

Amy Levy & client with gluten-free goodies at a product launch


Introducing new products to the world based on a company’s market objectives, capabilities and capacities is our forte. Our team has expertise in developing effective marketing and sales strategies as well as strong consumer relations.

From the moment your new business idea is conceived, we create a unified message about the brand to generate buzz, build excitement, and convince others to believe in it as much as we do.

We have worked both with startups to assist with new product launches, and with large companies to promote line extensions.


Maximize your company’s potential by tapping into our strong connections with the media. We will pinpoint and work with key high-profile journalists on your story.

We explore all relevant avenues and story angles to garner attention for your brand. Over the past nineteen years, we have developed relationships with editors, producers, bloggers and most recently, influencers, who cover a range of topics and interests. These relationships lead to better stories, placements and exposure — and ultimately, increased sales.

Amy Levy PR will work on your behalf to achieve your goals to:

  • Build your customer base
  • Attract desired clientele
  • Raise awareness
  • Emphasize the value of your brand
  • Promote your services locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Reach both consumer and trade press
  • Contact print, broadcast and online media
  • Keep journalists apprised regularly of your projects and launches
  • Write and disseminate press releases geared toward feature stories.

Cover of Food & Wine Magazine with client media placement from Amy Levy PR


Amy Levy Public Relations, Inc. helps companies select the most effective trade shows for exhibition that will best increase awareness of their brand.

First, we organize a plan together based on budget, sales and distribution goals. Then we take the following key steps toward their realization.

  • Present appropriate shows to client.
  • Handle all applications to be an exhibitor.
  • Assist in choosing a booth location at the show.
  • Work with exhibitor relations to design and furnish the booth.
  • Create collateral materials — brochures, press kits, etc.
  • Help to locally staff the on-site team with our vendor partners around the country.
  • Produce parties and special events at nearby venues.
  • Coordinate appointment setting with the sales team.
  • Create giveaway/incentive items.
  • Identify speaking and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Arrange for the products to be displayed in showcases on the show floor and for company materials to be available in the press room.
  • Manage press outreach.
  • Promote show appearance on company website.
  • Post our client’s products on the show’s social media platforms.
  • Set appointments with journalists to visit the booth.

We work regularly with brokers, distributors, retailers and trade organizations to support our clients’ efforts in marketing their products. We are partners in the process, part of the team and take the lead in developing our clients’ stories.

Let Amy Levy PR help you launch your new product, set a new trend or revitalize your brand in its category!

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