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Our Story

Our Story

Let us give it to you straight.

Since our founding in 2002, Amy Levy Public Relations, Inc. has represented an industry agnostic roster of clients. Some have something wonderful to publicize, others are involved in a crisis. We have worked with well-funded start-ups and established companies in food and beverage (wineries, consumer packaged goods, chefs/catering companies and pizza manufacturers) health and wellness (doctors, hospitals, health/research focused charities and nonprofit organizations), specialty foods (products for restricted diets/nutraceuticals, gluten-free bakeries, free from foods and so much more), fashion, jewelry, visual and performing arts (art galleries, filmmakers, theaters), authors (fiction/nonfiction). To tell you the truth, it’s really three areas where Amy Levy PR should be your first choice:  CULINARY, CRISIS, and CANNABIS. This is where we really stand out from the rest.

Amy Levy PR delves deeply into crisis management and judiciously navigates our clients’ reputations through delicate product recalls and threats to a corporation’s reputation, including workplace and discrimination issues.

Food and Beverage industry leaders turn to Amy Levy PR to create media, consumer and grocery trade awareness; promote their restaurants, help create free from menus (gluten-free, dairy free, Kosher, vegan, etc.) and train restaurant staff on avoiding cross contact. We identify and solidify partnerships with influencers and work with retailers, brokers and distributors to best reach our clients’ target demographic.

Some of the most prominent cannabis dispensaries and cultivators count on our team for launching their brands; differentiating them from their competitors, advising on innovation across sales channels, and executing their strategic plans.

Amy Levy PR is public relations and more.

We offer a range of services that will increase your bottom line and deliver well beyond your expectations.

The media turns to us as experts in our field. We hope you will too.