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Food, Beverage & Hospitality PR

Food, Beverage & Hospitality PR

We believe that collaboration is the foundation for success with our food, beverage and hospitality clients.
Over the past nineteen years, we have helped a diverse clientele in consumer packaged goods in food and beverage, wineries, upscale quick service restaurants and fine dining establishments.

We immerse ourselves in learning about everything from food technology, restaurant cross contact prevention and global food waste to allergen-free food producing, processing, retailing and consuming.

Our work raises your bottom line. We deliver beyond your expectations. And, we have fun together.

Our Specialty Foods and Free-From Allergens division is known throughout the industry for our thriving practice. We represent products, services and individuals. Our relationships with the food media are unmatched and journalists turn to us as a resource for stories ranging from:

  • How to Train Kitchen and Front-of-House Staff to Keep Diners On Specialty Diets Safe. Amy Levy is AllerTrainā„¢ certified.
  • Planning Festive Holiday Menus for Family with Dietary Restrictions
  • What Steps Are Chefs Making to Design Free-From Menus?
  • How to Plan Ahead for Travel When Your Child is Gluten-Free. (We could write a book about this one. And we areā€¦.)

This nurturing way of doing business produces collaborative relationships, which in turn is reflected in everything we do together for your business and customers. That is just one of the reasons EMarketing Key ranked Amy Levy PR as the #1 Food PR Firm in Los Angeles.