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Los Angeles, CA, September 3, 2019 … According to a 2017 survey by the non-profit organization Stop Street Harassment, 81% of women and…

Los Angeles, CA, September 3, 2019 … According to a 2017 survey by the non-profit organization Stop Street Harassment, 81% of women and 43% of men have experienced some form of sexual harassment during their lifetime. After former Governor Jerry Brown signed #California’s anti-sexual harassment law, it was updated in 2019 with the passage of Senate Bill 1343 (SB 1343). The bill states that, “all employers based in California with at least five employees to provide two hours of sexual harassment training for all supervisors and one hour of such training to all non-supervisory employees by December 31, 2019.” Los Angeles-based Bridge Safety Consultants offers in-person training for companies using exceptionally-trained teachers that engage employees and deliver vital information in an entertaining way. Bridge Safety Consultants is a familiar name in the manufacturing and processing industries for their interactive, bilingual safety incentive programs that effectively involve both employees and supervisors.

The new law mandates that instruction must also cover harassment towards co-workers based on gender, pregnancy, childbirth, breast-feeding, or any medical conditions. Bridge Safety Consultants’ programs are compliant with both AB 1825 (2004) and SB 1343 (2018) and they help your workforce feel prepared to report behaviors in the office that make them uncomfortable. Bridge also touches on bullying and situations concerning sexual orientation/gender identity.

“Everyone had fun during the training while learning the topic,” said Niki Chung of Forest Mushroom Food. “Afterwards, our whole team felt confident that they’d be able to identify what constitutes sexual harassment,” she said.

Just like the smoke alarms throughout your home help in keeping you and your family safe and alert of potential dangers, Bridge Safety Consultants does the same for your company and its staff.

While the best smoke alarms are only as good as the batteries that are fueling them, consumers are told to monitor and tend to them as needed in order for them to work properly. The same is true for the workplace. If a potentially dangerous situation were to occur in your office, you’ll be happy you provided excellent training for your personnel!

The #MeToo movement has brought national attention to dramatically-changing workplace standards. SB 1343 enforces all companies to provide effective prevention education to all employees. Adequately educating employees keeps both staff and the company safe. Attendees learn what isn’t allowed in the workplace while clarifying which behaviors are in fact still appropriate. The benefit of in-person training sessions is that they provide a safe space for employees to ask questions. In turn, they may better navigate issues in the workplace, a vital feature that online programs and videos fail to offer companies.

The training can be serious and intense at times, but the skilled teachers are sure to include the whole group using practical examples and exercises. Students earn a certification of attendance and completion when they are done, and businesses receive their documentation of compliance.

Trusted by clients from schools, film studios and law firms to fashion designers since 2003, Bridge Safety Consultants is a full-service safety consulting practice based in Palos Verdes, California. Founder Joseph Stevens boasts an upper management background in sales in the medical diagnostics industry. From a manufacturing standpoint, he devised a way for companies to have fewer claims when they implemented incentive programs that were built around bilingual, entertaining meeting leaders. It has certainly worked. The company has guided organizations on building safety leading to Bridge’s clients seeing on average a 40% decrease in workers’ compensation claims the first year after implementation, resulting in savings on insurance costs.

“Our programs bring safety to center stage, leading to fewer risks and less carelessness,” Mr. Stevens says. “This culture focused on the importance of workplace safety begins with engaging workers during training sessions in a very inclusive way,” he assures.

In addition to high quality, in-person safety and sexual harassment prevention training, Bridge Safety Consultants also provides consulting for workers’ compensation and fraud prevention. To learn more about why Bridge Safety Consultants should be the training service for your company, visit or

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